Arks of ROS Ark Name Episode List
Season 01 Michi Ark

Episode 001: Birth of a Savoir: Saiyan vs Icejin part 1

Episode 002: Birth of a Savoir: 1000 Years Later

Episode 003: The Murders!

Episode 004: Goku's Gift: The Decision part 1

Episode 005: Goku's Gift: The Unleashing; the New Ally

Episode 006: Michi's Plan

Episode 007: Total Destruction og Capital City part 1

Episode 008: Total Destruction of Captial City: Horrible Memories part 2

Episode 009: The Bandit Battle

Episode 010: The 6th Star Challenge

Episode 011: The Face Off

Episode 012: Maru brothers Assualt

Episode 013: Ending an Exusting Battle

Episode 014: Continuing the Search

Season 02: Bojack Ark

Episode 015: Yamcha Goes Berserk!?!

Episode 016: The Baojack battle Begins; Ally to Villain

Episode 017: Enishiation to Evil! Saiyan Sword's True Form! Episode 018: TBA

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